FRANK ZILINYI  has performed in RadioTheatre's THE TIME MACHINE; FRANKENSTEIN; DRACULA; THE INVISIBLE MAN; THE WAR OF THE WORLDS; KING KONG; THE HAUNTING OF 85 E 4th STREET; THE OBLONG BOX; THE TELL TALE HEART; THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM; THE BLACK CAT; HOP FROG; THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH; THE OVAL PORTRAIT; THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO; THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE; BERENICE; THE PREMATURE BURIAL; THE SPHINX; THE SYSTEM OF DR.TARR AND PROF. FETHER; THE CASE OF M.VALDEMAR; DRACULA'S GUEST; THE CALL OF CTHULHU; REANIMATOR; THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH; THE MOON BOG; THE LURKING FEAR; THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER;  THE EVIL CLERGYMAN; THE HORROR AT MARTINS BEACH, THE HAUNTING OF ST.MARKS PLACE,  SHADOW OF A DOUBT, THE BIRDS, THE HORROR AT RED HOOK; MURDER ON BROADWAY and more!   He has toured with RT's FRANKENSTEIN; THE TIME MACHINE; GHOST STORIES; NECRONOMICON.   Frank says, "I love to tell a good tale and help folks discover the limitless potential and power to be found in the alchemy of wordsmithing. How glorious, that an uttered sound can present the listener with the panoply of emotions, desires, and aspirations that we are all heir to! For the myriad moments when we think ourselves alone, a good book, a lovingly crafted poem, or a ripping good tale unsheathes its sharp-edged sword and holds the darkness at bay."
DAN BIANCHI      Artistic Director/Writer/Music, Visual, Sound Design    
RADIOTHEATRE'S 16th Halloween Festival:
  OCT 23-NOV 9  2019  St.John's Sanctuary  81 Christopher St.  NYC
  Written/Directed/Music by Dan Bianchi     
Sound Design: Dan Bianchi and Wes Shippee    
Produced By Radiotheatre and Theater At St.John's
R.PATRICK ALBERTY has been a part of Radiotheatre since 2008, performing and directing in a number of shows, including REANIMATOR, SUSPICION, THE 39 STEPS, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, THE BIRDS, BANQUO'S CHAIR, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, THE HAUNTING OF ST. MARKS PLACE; GHOST STORIES; KING KONG, SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, THE CURSE OF YIG, HE, THE MOON BOG; THE LURKING FEAR; THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER; THE EVIL CLERGYMAN; THE WAR OF THE WORLDS; THE ISLAND OF DR.MOREAU ; DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN and more! In addition, he has toured with RT's FRANKENSTEIN; GHOST STORIES; NECRONOMICON. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and St. John’s University, he is also the Associate Artistic Director of Mind The Art Entertainment, and co-directed and produced the award-winning FATTY FATTY NO FRIENDS and WHISKEYPANTS: THE MAYOR OF WILLIAMSBURG. Most recently, he wrote & directed BEWARE THE CHUPACABRA!, selected as FringeFAVE at the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival. Patrick is a proud member of The Dramatist Guild.   For information on Patrick’s video editing work, please visit
WES SHIPPEE (Tech Director) has designed and engineered over 80 stories live on the NYC stage and on tours and produced 25+ podcasts for Radiotheatre for the past 10 years.  He is an NYU graduate and Drama Desk-nominated sound designer, audio engineer, and musician. Notable projects include the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, design for Norwegian Cruise Line, seven years in residence with Infinity Theatre Company and three national tours with Swedish Grammy-award winning artist Moneybrother.   For more information, visit

ALEJANDRO LUCIAN CARDOZO has performed in POE, HITCHCOCK, H.P.LOVECRAFT FESTS; GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST; the NECRONOMICON TOUR.  He currently terrorizes patrons daily as a crazed Doctor at "I Survived the Room" in Long Island City and is the Director and Producer of American Narcissist, a Production company that offers extensive Portfolio services for the emerging artist. "In life, I try to give power to the powerless in as many ways as I can. Stories offer us the ability to be inspired, to build our ideals and values, and generates empathy in human beings. They can be the greatest source of power for individual change, especially if there's a great villain to challenge the protagonist and audience."

CAITLIN BOYLE has performed in Radiotheatre's GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST; LOVECRAFT, POE and HITCHCOCK FESTIVALS, FRANKENSTEIN and the NECRONOMICON TOUR. She also recently joined with two fellow actors to establish LCK Productions, a non-profit production company dedicated to raising awareness and financial support for woman's charities by performing works by, and about, woman's issues. Their debut project, a one night production of "The Vagina Monologues" raised $1200 for Planned Parenthood. She is also thrilled to be performing with My Generation Media in a new play festival on May 28th here in New York. As always, many thanks to my family and friends for all their support in my many endeavors.   

SARAH WALKER has performed in Radiotheatre's POE, LOVECRAFT and ALFRED HITCHCOCK FESTIVALS.  Previous credits include: Pomegrenade; The Sterling Renaissance Festival; and An Evening conference on Feminism and Equality at Large at the Esoterica Cabaret Dada.
Frank Zilinyi, Caitlin Boyle, Patrick Alberty, Alejandro Cardozo,  Sarah Walker